[11.04.27] Minwoo’s Cyworld minihompy: Diary update

The wedding ceremony of a hyung, who’s like a long-time friend to me, was held at Renaissance Hotel.
It seemed like only yesterday when he was still my first manager hyung..
Before I knew it he’s already getting married..^^ Congratulations to you, hyung!!
I met people who used to work with Shinhwa, after a very long time, so I’m really happy~ And
I met our Dongwannie there..
He called out to me in a really loud voice and made me want to run away. ㅎㅎ
Even so he’s still a lovable dude^^
Lately I’ve been down with the flu so I’ve had to go to the hospital for medication and shots ㅜㅠ
After I saw all the faces that I was happy to see, I feel a little better now~
Hyung~ You must have suffered happily (?) while preparing for the wedding… You’ve done well~
I’ll be there with the members at your housewarming party~
Quickly have a nephew for me~^^ (Don’t I love it to death when I see kids ㅎㅎ)
I hope you’ll always be happy and that every day is filled with love!!

Credits: Minwoo’s Cyworld minihompy + Absolut Shinhwa

10 thoughts on “[11.04.27] Minwoo’s Cyworld minihompy: Diary update

  1. LOL wannie calling him out in a loud voice… why is it that i can imagine that..? xD
    Aww get better soon. 🙂

  2. MINUUUUUU! Yes please get well soon.
    So cute M and DW together. You can never run away, M. haha
    So wonderful the members will be together at the housewarming party.^^

  3. WooDong!!!!!!

    I hope the members won’t ‘tear’ the place apart at the manager’s housewarming party looool 😀
    Get well Bongie!!

    1. this entry of his is so cute and funny….and tear the place apart?….haha…that’s funny…the things that they would do…hee

  4. Bong don’t be scared of Wannie~ You know you’re destined to be together lolz Oh Woodong~
    Hope Bong gets well soon 😦 Miss him~

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