[11.04.26] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (2 entries regarding articles on Shinhwa’s comeback)

Some background to these two updates on his blog today:

Today a news article (original Korean article can be found here) came out in Sports Chosun, in summary saying that an insider source said that Shinhwa is now preparing for their comeback album which is targeted to be released in March 2012.

This was then refuted by the agencies of the individual members through an article in Star News – you’ve probably already read about this entire chain of events via allkpop.

And then Dongwan posted this entry:

The date for Shinhwa’s next album
Is only my personal deduction based on the conversation among the members on 24th March 2011.
It’s neither something discussed and agreed among the various management companies, nor is it a concrete date.
As much as trouble can come from the mouth, I will try not to say anything related to Shinhwa anymore.
I apologize to all relevant parties for making dangerous statements in front of reporters
And as of today, I will not create any more publicity (for the comeback).

Later, he posted yet another entry:

The article was actually written by a reporter
Who has never spoken to us, or met us before.
I guess we’ll just have to think that… It’s just because there are many people waiting…

I personally don’t think there’s much cause for worry – they are going to make their comeback when all the members are back from military service no matter what… So let’s just hang in there while the guys prepare!! ^^

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

8 thoughts on “[11.04.26] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (2 entries regarding articles on Shinhwa’s comeback)

  1. dongwan oppa, gudluck into all of your undertakings. do you have a girlfriend? the girl whoi dance the wild eyes looks good to you eventhough She is quite old but still very sexy hahaha joke only

  2. shinhwa will definetely the stars to watch by 2012, everybody in the KPOP will say ahhhhhOpppa you become more handsome, i mean the girls or the ladies hehehe., not the boyz. I can”t wait for them to comeback, Im just hoping that i can buy a ticket then coz i want a front row ticket even it will cost me a lot not to mention the airfare ticket hahaha. Everything I do, I do it for you esp Mr MUn, I will see you in bangkok very soon, ahhhh pls give me a hug oppppaaa. Kindly tell your manager to be nice to the fans please Eric? I do hope i can buy some gifts for you but i dont know his shirt size,. Im planning to buy him a Dolce Gabana or Gucci will someone tell me his size?, I do hope my budget will enough, hahaha. But im sure anything coming from his fans will be appreciated by him right? See you soon eric and shinhwa changio fighting

  3. it dosent matter when they’ll make their comeback.
    as long as i believe they WILL make their comeback!

  4. shinhwa will come back, no doubt about it. it’s fine with me if they return 4th quarter of 2012. preparation for the return will take so much time since there are 6 members managed by different companies, with solo activities. i hope good-hearted reporters will not make a big deal out of unconfirmed news items. shinhwa will return as 6 and they will prepare well for us all.

  5. Probably not a full album, but I have a feeling Shinhwa will do something for 15th Anniversary? A single, a fanmeeting?

  6. hard to fore-say the exact timing for the comeback since it’s too far out + coordinating members’ solo activities in different managements….

    It’s just the matter of time when Shinhwa will reunited, be it Mar.2012, later in the year or even 2013…. Shinhwa will be back I have full confident in that.

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