[11.04.12] News pics: Eric at the VIP screening of “Sleeping With The Enemy”

오빠!!!!! 면도했어!!!! 만세!!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And for the last time, it’s the sunglasses and the lighting. ALRIGHT?


12 thoughts on “[11.04.12] News pics: Eric at the VIP screening of “Sleeping With The Enemy”

  1. hahaha, u gotta love this guy. so casual and laidback.

    lol at the sixth pic, there’s a girl in the bg who’s sporting the same pair of shoes. XD

  2. Him and Jinnie were always voted as the members with the worst fashion sense… but they’r elike the only two people i know who can pull off the look lol ❤
    I like that hes growing out his hair… and his smile seriously melts my organs lol for some reason i was sent back to their debut days..eventhough he hasnt changed or aged since then.. i got a glimpse at the 20 year old Eric again *sighs* 🙂 why cant 2012 be here already 😦

  3. seems like WP ate my post XD

    hahah is it weird that I kinda miss the goatee? ^^
    Eric is into ECLECTIC STYLE lately huh? That means creative, colorful and a bit bold 🙂
    Kudo to him for being daring to experiment variety of styles, be it unpopular or not.

    Eric & Chunderella (aka Lee Chun Hee), did they call each other or they have the same stylist?! ~_^

    Aviator specs ☑
    Black jacket ☑
    Gray T-shirt ☑
    Dark pants ☑
    Funky shoes ☑ (JUST DIFF COLOR! ^^)

    btw, I think the angle of the camera have much to do with how the nose tip looks more prominent in some photos than the others. Handsome man is still handsome 🙂

  4. Haha come one ya’ll we all know Eric himself knows he’s got a beautiful and handsome face, he won’t do anything to disappoint. As a matter of fact I just looked at a photo of him in 2004ish and his nose looks exactly the same haha.

  5. Hmm…somehow he is lacking in his dressing code ^^”
    Shoes do not match well with his outfit :/
    well, i still love him 😀

  6. somehow~~ he looks really young even with the mustache here~~ hahahahahahhaahahah

    Thanks for sharing unni~~ ❤

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