[11.04.07] Trailer: Andy, Lee Joonki, Lee Wan on KFN variety show “Force Map”

As some of you already know, Korean Forces Network (KFN) is Korea’s military TV network – and they’re introducing a new military variety show titled “Force Map”, which has a concept similar to “1 Night 2 Days” and “Infinity Challenge”. This programme will feature our Andy of course, alongside actors Lee Joonki and Lee Wan, as well as comedian Yang Se-chan.

First episode airs on 13 April. Expect lots of funny challenges and missions 🙂

Follow them on Twitter (http://twitter.com/forcemap) and visit their homepage (http://forcemap.tistory.com/) – lots of photos and some videos too!

For now, check out the trailer for the show:

9 thoughts on “[11.04.07] Trailer: Andy, Lee Joonki, Lee Wan on KFN variety show “Force Map”

  1. this looks fun!!hay!nice seeing ANDY oppa again having this kind of show!!!
    can’t wait!!i hope someone will sub this!!

  2. whooo… I reaallly really hope this is subbed or shinhwa fans will sub this, even if it’s andy cuts only? 😀 haha…

    Andy and Joon Ki are friends… ^_^ and Lee Dong Wook too 😛

  3. *creeps in* ANDY!!!! and LOLS with Junki & Lee Wan? The previews look like great fun!

  4. Lee Jun Ki & Andy together= AWESOMENESS!! I simply cannot wait! It loooks so fun already! ^_^

  5. Its looks fun and interesting though I do not understand, hope it has subtitles when its aired. Its good to have us update on them, thanks.

  6. This preview looks really fun even though I don’t understand a thing XD
    Might check it out when it’s aired

  7. This actually looks like something fun to watch ^^ lots of laughs.. and its great seeing Andy so happy despite still being in enlistment!
    Hope it keeps spirits alive within all the bases!!

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