[11.04.07] Chae Min Seo “Junjin and I broke up after 7 months” vs Junjin “We weren’t even in a relationship”

Remember sometime late last year there was this scandal about whether or not Junjin was dating actress Chae Min Seo?

A few months later, we’re back here again. She says they broke up recently; Jinnie says they weren’t even dating to start with. It’s become such a mess.

As always it’s hard to see the truth – my personal take is that, as fans we just stay calm and keep quiet… There’s no point adding to the mess. -_- JINNIE AH…. WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH BAD LUCK WITH GIRLS….



Chae Min Seo (30) and Junjin (31) have called it quits after 7 months.

The pair began a romantic relationship after being introduced through a mutual friend, and were seen on their dates at snack stalls in Apgujung. However they have split due to problems of busy schedules and differences in character.

Q: You broke up with Junjin?
A: Yes.

Q: When did you break up?
A: We recently decided to go our separate ways.

Q: We’re curious about the reason behind the breakup.
A: A while ago I was busy with the drama and the pictorial shoot. Jinnie-oppa, as you know, has limited activities due to his current status as a public service officer. We had some misunderstanding and though we talked things through, I think we neglected each other due to our schedules.

Q: Both of you are celebrities, you’re bound to encounter each other eventually.
A: We’re pretty cool about it, I don’t think there will be problems.

Q: What are your plans?
A: I’ll be greeting the viewers with a new project soon.

Source: http://isplus.live.joinsmsn.com/news/article/aid.asp?aid=4972222

Actress Chae Min Seo announced her ‘breakup’ with Junjin on 7th April in an interview, while Junjin’s management agency has expressed their displeasure and questioned the intentions of the interview.

A rep from Junjin’s management agency Open World Entertainment told OSEN in a phone interview, “We’ve already expressed our stand about the rumors last year, that the rumors weren’t true. We’d really like to know why they’re stating that they’ve broken up.”

“When the rumors came out in November, Junjin had already stated that they were just friends. As his management company, we clarified this publicly. Apparently they didn’t meet much as he is still serving his military duties. There shouldn’t have been any further problems, but we’re puzzled why this interview article suddenly came out.”

In another phone interview with Star News, Open World added, “We’re already stated that they were just friends, but now they’re supposed to have broken up. We’re really dumbfounded. Chae Min Seo is suddenly saying that they’ve “broken up”, we’re really confused. It’s nothing more than a senior-junior relationship.”

Chae Min Seo’s management agency said, “We can’t reach her right now, and we’re not too clear about the details because she doesn’t really talk about her private life.”

According to the interview article, Junjin and Chae Min Seo had broken up after 7 months due to conflicts in schedules and personalities.

Credits: ISPLUS + OSEN + Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

11 thoughts on “[11.04.07] Chae Min Seo “Junjin and I broke up after 7 months” vs Junjin “We weren’t even in a relationship”

  1. Ouch. Jinnie saying they were never a couple in the first place must have stung CMS. Then again I don’t know all the facts and I haven’t been reading Korean news lately, so I wouldn’t know.

    For me, Jinnie’s been the most “invisible” of the 6 Shinhwa members ever since he enlisted. And I think that’s good. I just hope his lovelife is the same, too. Regardless of the kind of girl he dates and how long they dated, it’s really not OW’s business to leak it to the press like that. Srsly. They should get up off their lazy asses and find a new talent to hone and promote instead of still relying on Jinnie for publicity and stuff.

  2. Junjin needs to find the right girl ‘quickly’ seriously. No more time for messing around. I really really hope he finds a girl and she’s not in this ‘business’…..Grr I’m so mad now….why am I mad?

    1. I was like you too when i saw the article! Especially when there are one sided point of view articles written out there and people keep bashing Jin. 😦

      Just hope Jin will have better luck with girls. Poor him.

  3. i hope Jinnie can handle things like this better next time..
    even in the army, his scandal never stop following him =(
    poor boy~ always hv bad luck with girls..

  4. Okay… now I don’t even know who I should be mad at… Chae Min Seo or Open World? Why did CMS announce that anyway when they’ve already ‘covered’ it… and Open World’s replies to her announcement are so…silly. They really can’t do any better than “We’re really dumbfounded” ?! Tsktsktsk.

  5. LOL can’t help but notice at the end of her interview, she ends it with:
    “I’ll be greeting the viewers with a new project soon”
    I’ll stop there

    Junjin really have bad luck with the gals around him.

    1. To be fair to her, we don’t know what the reporter chose to include and exclude from the interview… But YES I see where you’re going, and I agree with you Phi. 🙂

  6. I remember there was a little mess at first when JJ and Lee Siyoung got together. I honestly think JJ needs to handle these kinds of stuff better. He needs better PR people.

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