[11.04.04] Eric’s Thailand fanmeeting – “Hello Again in Bangkok” on 21 May

Eric’s coming to this part of the world!!!! At last!!!!

For those of you near enough, and with enough time & cash to spare – why not head on down to Bangkok in May????


Date/time: 21 May 2011, 5-7pm
Venue: Mahisorn Hall at SCB Park

Seating Plan

4,500 bahts – VIP ticket to attend press conference on May 20th + fanmeeting on May 21st with seating in Blue section + postcard from Eric + handshake
2,500 bahts – Pink section
1,500 bahts – Yellow section

Overseas fans can book their tickets by contacting either:
admin@ericmun-th.com or

All tickets will be open for sale to the general public after April 10th.

Thanks to Phi for the info

10 thoughts on “[11.04.04] Eric’s Thailand fanmeeting – “Hello Again in Bangkok” on 21 May

  1. I’m wondering…. a bit late but i didn’t find many informations about this. Maybe you can answer me ? In those fan meetings, Eric sang “My everything” with a Stellar’s girl, right ? Do you have any information about this song ? Who wrote it ? And if it is a good video of one of his performances ? I think there is a Mnet video but… I didn’t find it (there are parts, here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BwTrEZMK2I). Do you have any information ? Thank you so much !!

  2. anyone from Malaysia or anywhere near going? planning to go but need someone to fangirl with me there, who basically doesnt understand Thai languange! hehe.

  3. Im starting to count the days now. Next year will be Korea to meet all the handsome oppa of Shinhwa. Ahhh cnt wait really for them together coz eric is quite shy by himself but when he is with his hyung he is like a baby and so cute in all ways. Eric i love you and alwayz be your fan forever. Shinhwa Changio. I want to become a member of this fan club, can i get any help from anyone?

    1. hahaha a handshake is surely guarantee if you get VIP ticket. Really hope you’re lucky enough to get a hug too since there’re 200+ others are competing for the same thing XDDD

      I could careless if it’s in Korean or Thai or whatever the alien language is…. Seeing Mr. Mun (or any Shinhwa members) up-close is an awesome opportunity. Hope you & Hereforme will have a great time. HAVE FUN!!!! 😀

  4. im a Filipina but currently working here in singapore, Im goooooooiiiiing to see my idol and my prince in bangkik. With me is my friend debie i hope that i could hug him and have apicture with him. Eric please be good to all your fans who will atttend there in Bangkok. Please hug me ahhhhhh

  5. anyone from singapore going ???!!! hahaha i figured out it would be quite funny as firstly i don understand korean, and its translated to thai which i don understand as well!
    but eric up close is soooo tempting !!!

  6. Am sure u wanna come over.. but isnt that the day before another BIG DAY??? Aaaah, Mr Mun is tempting someone.. Mr Mun is being sooo naughty tempting and testing somone.. ^^
    Personally, I wanna go.. I want to get near him and see him upclose and have that handshake.. but I want my BKK experience to be only that of August 06, 2010.
    To everyone who’s goin to meet Mr Mun in BKK, have fun!!!

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