[11.04.01] From Lee Jina’s Twitter: Dongwan-dwig

Lee Jina’s the director of the musical ^^


Dongwan-dwig, immersed in emotion…ㅋㅋ

To get rid of his six-pack that the others are so envious of.. Dongwan-dwig is starving himself and taking a break from exercising…

Credits: @ginasam + Absolut Shinhwa

6 thoughts on “[11.04.01] From Lee Jina’s Twitter: Dongwan-dwig

  1. This probably sounds very silly, but why does Wannie need to get rid of his six-pack? D:

    1. Because the character of Hedwig is transgender, so he’s supposed to have a more feminine (aka non-muscley) body. When rumors about Dongwan being cast as Hedwig were roaming around, musical snobs were like “Kim Dong Wan as Hedwig? But isn’t he a muscle man?” But obviously, he’s fully immersing in his character, not only evidenced by this, but the fact that he deleted/made private his blog entries. I guess we won’t be seeing him blog for awhile. 😦 I just hope he takes care of his health…starving himself is not good. T__T

      1. totally agree that starving himself is not good…. ‘starving himself from exercising’ is fine, but not starving himself from food….

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