[11.03.31] “Good job”, public service officer Junjin knocks off from work leisurely

Military service is an experience all Korean males have to go through. That includes celebrities as well. When male celebrities reach a certain age, they have to answer the nation’s call. Lately, most of the 1st-generation idols are serving their military duties.

In mid-Feb, this reporter was somewhere nearby the Gangnam District Office in the evening when he happened to see Shinhwa member Junjin, who is currently serving as a public service officer there, stepping out with some colleagues. Although his face was partially covered, his eyes still stood out as much as they always did.

Junjin was dressed in casual wear, very much unlike what he would wear on stage. He was wearing a beige jumper with a blue hoodie and a striped t-shirt, all comfortable and warm. Although he put on a cap and mask, probably conscious of the attention from passers-by, he was instantly recognisable from his long and slender frame.

The main highlight was his big bag. The brown leather bag that he was carrying emphasized on practicality. One could see his charm as Park Choongjae, and not Junjin the celebrity. As the weather was cold, he kept his hands tucked in his pockets, but even so he still seemed friendly and approachable.

Junjin seemed to have adapted very well to his job. Walking and chatting with his colleagues, they bade goodbye to one another. His life as a public service officer seems as fulfilling as his life in showbiz.

Junjin was designated as a public service officer after enlisting in Oct 2009. Fellow Shinhwa members Eric and Kim Dongwan have recently completed their military duties and returned to showbiz since then. We look forward to Junjin completing his duties and joining them in showbiz activities.

Credits: Dispatch + Absolut Shinhwa

3 thoughts on “[11.03.31] “Good job”, public service officer Junjin knocks off from work leisurely

    1. omg I know! Such brotherhood loyalty. Aww~~ then again the M cap must have been one of the many stuff M gave to Jinnie (like the jacket, remember?) LOL

      This article really made me happy. Reading about Jinnie adapting to “normal” life, getting a long very well with his colleagues and basically having a routine made my day. I think this is what Jinnie needs, at least for now. Lookin’ great, Jin ah! 🙂

      PS. I know the author of the article mentioned that Jinnie’s bag showcased practicality, but it still looks ‘fashionable’ to me, hahaha 😀 if he wanted practical he would have used a backpack or something

  1. *SQUEALS* It’s been a good day!!!!!

    heh, reproter got these pic in mid February and just report it now? tsk tsk tsk
    Really hope the mask is just for disguise and Jin is not sick

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