[11.03.30] Pics: Eric at the MVIO fashion show (Seoul Fashion Week)

Ok, I adore Eric and worship the ground he walks on – but this look… I don’t know…

Let’s just say it’s not exactly one of my favorites…. BUT I STILL LOVE YOU!!!

Anyway these aren’t all – there are more from where these came…

21 thoughts on “[11.03.30] Pics: Eric at the MVIO fashion show (Seoul Fashion Week)

  1. i like everything…
    very, very handsome…
    rugged looking but classy… only eric can pull through?…
    looking forward to shinhwa with 6’s return…
    thank you for the pictures!

  2. IN ADDITION! About his nose, it looks the same. Stop freaking out ladies!! Hahah. Our handsome prince is a natural hottie….lets all just go with that. haha.

  3. OOOoo bad boy ERRRIC! I don’t know about the outfit, but he looks mighty fine in here. I love the hair and the goatee!!!! Honestly can someone just say Eric is the best looking goatee~er in Shinhwa haha….he looks handsome!!!!! ACK!!!!!

  4. My heart jump with a low rawr when I saw Eric with his goatee again!! (trim it a tad bit and it will be perfect!) He’s one of if not the only or the best looking man that can pull that look.

    His long locks and OOTD is so-so. His hair reminds me of the either 4 or 5jib and during the wild photoshoot…

  5. LMAO. not digging the style but when I saw the pics where he’s sitting down and smiling, I totally forgot what he was wearing.

    oppa looks short though heheheh

  6. Su!! He’s gorgeous!! this is first time I saw Eric with that look.. he kinda reminds me of Johnny Depp.. Eric is sooo handsome!!

    1. i was literally going to say the same thing LOL but i didnt think anyone would look better than Depp.. ^_^ till i saw these!
      I agree it isnt his best look, but comparing it to those who’ve looked like johnny depp and failed, Eric really does look good!

    2. Me too!
      When I first saw it I was thinking..Johnny Deep is that youuuu? but he is more handsome than Johnny 😀 He looks like him without even trying!

      I think he will looks better if they change his polkadotted tee to other plain shirts? I just found it a little distracting haha but I am looking at Eric Oppa, and we all know how he loves weird things T.T

      I am now wondering why he has goatee again, maybe a drama is in the making and its for his new character? hmmm

  7. Bad Boy Bad guy Bad man BadBad maru.
    I’D love Bad look. Killer charisma ….ET ahhhh >//<

    Thanks ^^

  8. HAHAHAHA I don’t think Eric ever grows his facial hairs this long + the goatee too

    It seems he goes from the clean shaven look at the fanmeet to this rough rocker look in just a snap of the fingers.

    go on and experiene all kind of different looks yo!

  9. LOL He looks like a real gangster =]
    I love the last two pictures. Very classy ❤
    But for the first few pics, his nose bothers me =)) why is it so pointy? lol

    1. i do agree with you…
      did he do something with his nose????it’s kinda weird specially wen u focus on that area…hehehe…
      anyways, still looking gorgeous… 😀

        1. i know, but the one responsible for the picture didn’t give justice to his nose…hehehe….
          kinda weird though…but non the less his gorgeous more and more each day…hahaha…
          loving his bad sophisticated look… ^-^

          1. Oh.. i can see where your coming from :S lol his nose does look a little different :|.. but it really could just be the photographer or the sunglasses (i hate how some sunglasses makes a persons nose look like one of them fake rubber ones lol).. but i can definately see where you got that thought from 🙂

          2. heheh I know, I know
            the lighting/shading and the angle make the tip of the nose looks strange in some of the pics 🙂

          3. I thought it was just me that thought his nose looks strange at some angle. I digged the leather jacket but the whole outfit doesn’t do him justice. Well I shouldn’t be complaining, at least Oppa is making public appearance.

  10. it somehow fits though… as in the whole style falls into place smoothly. okay i’m not explaining this really well. but yeah somehow all the piece of clothing fit together with the hair, goatee and sunglasses. weird as it might be its somehow classy and soothing to eye not loud unlike g-dragon’s dressing.

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