[11.03.30] Dongwan’s “Hedwig” performance schedule

There are a total of 4 actors playing the role of Hedwig, so naturally we won’t have Dongwan doing it for every show.. For those who are lucky enough to catch Dongwan in action, here’s the schedule for his performances:

14 May 2011 to 21 August 2011

KT&G Sang Sang Art Hall (Samseong Station, Exit 2)

Interpark 1544-1555 (ticket.interpark.com)
(*ticket sales open at 2pm on 31 Mar 2011)

Weekdays & Sundays: Area R 60,000KRW / Area S 50,000KRW
Saturdays & public holidays: Area R 65,000KRW / Area S 55,000KRW

2011-05-14 (Sat): 3pm
2011-05-18 (Wed): 8pm
2011-05-20 (Fri): 7pm
2011-05-21 (Sat): 9pm
2011-05-25 (Wed): 8pm
2011-05-27 (Fri): 7pm
2011-05-28 (Sat): 9pm
2011-06-1 (Wed): 8pm
2011-06-3 (Fri): 7pm
2011-06-4 (Sat): 9pm
2011-06-8 (Wed): 8pm
2011-06-10 (Fri): 7pm
2011-06-11 (Sat): 9pm

Credits: Interpark + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[11.03.30] Dongwan’s “Hedwig” performance schedule

  1. Hi do you by any chance know his schedule in August? I’ll be in Seoul this aug and would love to catch this! thanks lots 🙂

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