[11.03.30] Pics of the “Hedwig” cast

DONGWANNIE…. And JAEWOOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credits: PlayDB

7 thoughts on “[11.03.30] Pics of the “Hedwig” cast

  1. Too much photoshop isnt a good thing T.T Dongwan oppa needs his wrinkles! He looks more handsome on those

    1. Yeah, even in the last photo, oppa doesn’t have his wrinkles. lol 😀 i love his wrinkles.

  2. Dong Wan looks good as usual but I hated how they overdid the photoshop. =(( Seriously he didn’t need photoshop to look good. =))

  3. good looking cast but bad job on the photoshoot (or photoshop).
    They make Wannie looks like 3 different persons in the pics LOL

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