[11.03.24] Dongwan’s memolog: 2011 (main page updated)

Desired temperature 37.5°C


Junjin Andy

Eric Hyesung



Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa


13 thoughts on “[11.03.24] Dongwan’s memolog: 2011 (main page updated)

  1. ummmmm… my guess would be… Hyesung with those candle-like fingers and then clockwise from Hyesung.. Andy holding the cake, Eric, Jin, M, Dongwan

    Happy Anniversary to my favourite idol group Shinhwa!!!!!!!!!

  2. aigoo! so they’re really not going to give us a group pic til 2012?! i mean with thier faces and all.

    so happy all 6 were present ❤

    wannie more pics please.

  3. Minwoo
    Junjin Andy
    Eric Hyesung

    Awww! Wannie and Shinhwa just too cute!!!
    check if you got it right wif Wan’s answer! XD

  4. YAY!:)

    I always love the CAKE! and their tradition guess who’s hand is this game 😛


  5. haha..so this is what we do on anniversary? Identifying hands ..lol…I love being part of SHCJ and Shinhwa..We have our very own special way to celebrate.Hyesung has half white nail cuticles.The one with both hands is Minwoo,Wannie in the center holding the cake.Ah~ i can’t tell the rest…hmm

  6. The hands pic seems to become Shinhwa’s special tradition?!! 😀
    Wannie forgot the wartermark on the pic? ^^

    okie, let’s the game begin: starting with Hyesung from bottom right corner, clockwise would be Junjin (cause of the big hand), then Eric, Wan (cause of the camera), then Minnu and Andy?

    Wannie, you have to post more photos so we can ‘settle’ this game kkkkkkk

    1. I agree! Shinhwa seems to have “trademarked” the hand thing during special occasions 😀 Happy anniversary Shinhwa! Patiently waiting…

  7. YAY! What am waiting for!!!
    Guessing game again???
    (Yah, as usual, the crabman wants to be ‘different’, aish!)
    My guess: From Sungie’s hand (the one that is different), clockwise: DW, Eric, Jin, M and was Andy able to join them eh?? (yay!!)
    I wish he wld post more ‘individual pics’!!!

    1. thats my guess too! cuz i think dongwan will be the one holding the camera while taking the pic. and by judging how tanned the hands/arms are. lol.

        1. Was thinking Wan is in the middle too but there’s the camera lying on the table + there’s no watermark on the photo (possibly forgot) so I’m guessing someone else took the pic 😀

          Why doing this to us?!!! hehehehehe

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