[11.03.24] Minwoo’s Cyworld minihompy: Diary update

The memories of this day back in 1998 continue on even now.
That’s all because of Shinhwa.
Compared to the actual performance, we put in more effort for the rehearsal..
It was the first time that I’ve ever seen the red camera light..
Not being able to fall asleep even at dawn, and everyone’s excitement..
The memories from that time are still fresh in my memory.
To our fans “SHINHWA CHANGJO” who have given us love all this time
And who will continue to support us
Since today’s our day, let’s thank and congratulate one another from the bottom of our hearts~
Today is the day that I’m going to meet the members ^^
I will also celebrate with a heart full of gratitude, and I miss the orange color even more, more, more today!
The birthday of the 13-year-old Shinhwa and the orange princesses… (Survival report completed!!)

Credits: Minwoo’s Cyworld + Absolut Shinhwa


16 thoughts on “[11.03.24] Minwoo’s Cyworld minihompy: Diary update

  1. SHINHWA!! <333 You have my forever love always~~
    No-one will ever be able to take your place in my heart ❤

    Happy 13 years such an amazing achievement! Shinhwa & Shinhwa Changjo 2gether 4ever!

  2. It’s SHINHWA DAY!~~ I’m so, so happy that the boys will be meeting up today. ❤ That puts a big smile on my face! 13 years, it's been all worth it! SHINHWA + SHINHWA CHANGJO HWAITING!

  3. yeay! they’re meeting up! cant wait for wannie’s post!
    we can really feel the love between them and their love towards us, Shinhwa Changjo!

    13 years and still counting~
    till the day we meet again and see you on stage as six, we, the orange princess will wait!
    and we miss you too T_T

  4. Minwoo, we miss you too! Waiting patiently for the day all the members are on stage once again. ❤
    Happy 13th, SHINHWA!

  5. wooooa the members met up to celebrate!!!!
    Poor Andy will miss the party again….

    Orange Princes, invite us all to the next party kkkkk
    Can’t wait for the pics 😀

    ‘(Survivor report completed!!)’ ~ ROFL what was that?! XDDD

  6. congratulations to SHINHWA and SHiNHWA CHANGJO for another wonderful year…
    though far from each other, we can still feel the love for one another…
    hope i’ll get the chaNce to meet the SHINHWA and Shinhwa changjo…

  7. Today is the day that I’m going to meet the members ^^…
    13th Shinhwa Anniversary Let’s party…LoL…
    We’re Shinhwa…. We’re waiting for your share happiness moment ^^

  8. Thanks alot Su!

    Happy Anniversary!!
    13 years & many anymore great years ahead!

    *shall wait patiently for Wannie to post pics*

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