[11.03.24] Happy 13th Anniversary!!!

A lovely video done by muel chronicling 13 years of Shinhwa’s music – totally looking forward to Shinhwa’s 10th album next year!!!!

Credits: http://muel.dothome.co.kr/

31 thoughts on “[11.03.24] Happy 13th Anniversary!!!

  1. Finally, I’m not capped anymore and can watch this!! Wonderful work!! Thanks to the maker and uploader! ❤

  2. Congratulations~! May you have 13 more years (at least) of wonderful music together~!!

  3. Su,
    I noticed that the video seemed to have been remobed from this page.. Wld u know if I still can upload this video in my FaceBook account?
    Pls advise.
    Thank you ~~~

  4. Dearest Shinhwa…Happy 13th Anniversary…Have a blast day…can’t wait 4 the next year…Please come to Malaysia…Shinhwa 4ever ;D

  5. Happy 13th Anniversary to Shinhwa and also to Shinhwa changjo… ^_^

    today is my bestfriend birthday too.. we will celebrate tonite ^_^

  6. happy 13th anniversary to Shinhwa & Shinhwa Changjo.
    We’ve one year left to wait *excited already*
    Thanks for sharing the awesome video!

    woaaahhh can’t believe it!! we’re almost there!!
    shinhwa oppa we have been keeping our promise!! and will always will! till we meet again!!!

  8. Happy 13th Anniversary!!
    can’t believe it’s already another year!



  9. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 13th SHINHWA.. love you all forever, oppa, cant wait to see you all in the stage again.. I will celebrate with my friend to night..just for SHINHWA 🙂

  10. THAT. WAS. AMAZING. The beats of Shinhwa will never end.
    Shinhwa, fighting!

    [2012, please come faster]

  11. I hereby pledge my allegiance to the orange flag. Through sick and sin, through good times and bad…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHINHWA!!!!!!

  12. Happy 13th anniversary to Shinhwa, the legend.
    Thanks for WONDERFUL video clip.
    SHINHWA rocks forever!

  13. Great video.. awesome. It’ll be one of my fave. (^^) thanks for sharing.
    HAPPY 13th ANNIVERSARY, Shinhwa Jjang!
    wish you for your health and the best for you all, Oppa~

    PS. Get married, Oppa.
    but you should introduce your fiancee to shinhwa changjo first and get our approval. :))

    *it’s supposed to be “to be continued” at the ending video, anyway. hahha.
    but it’s still one of my fave video.

  14. SIX in Seoul Legend of Idol as SHINHWA HAPPY Annivesary Shinhwa 13th Anniversary Happy together….
    Thanks ^^

  15. Thanks for sharing!

    Yippee happy happy 13th anniversary!! =DD

    I loved the ending as well.

  16. Loving this 13 years in review!

    There will be only 1 group, 1 Legend and that’s Shinhwa!
    Happy 13th Anniversay and many more to come! ♥.♥.♥.♥.♥.♥.
    Happy orange day!

    PS: How/Where could we find HD MVs, specially the older ones? 😀

  17. happy 13th anniversary to Shinhwa and all Shinhwa Changjo!
    13 years and more to come! Shinhwa Forever!

  18. AWESOME AWESOME.. well done , I really like it .. specially the ending ” TO BE CONTINUE..”
    Waiting for Shinhwa reunion

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