[11.03.22] Liveworks notice: About Shin Hyesung’s 4th album

A piece of not-so-great news 2 days before the 13th anniversary, I’m afraid. But no worries, I believe this is just a minor setback for now…


Hi everyone, this is Liveworks Company.
Firstly, we apologize to everyone who has been waiting for a really long time for Shin Hyesung’s 4th album.

In our previous notice, we said that due to Shin Hyesung’s health problems the second half of the production process was put on hold, but the album would still be released in March,
And that recording had yet to resume.

Now we’ll share with you the exact details of Shin Hyesung’s health condition,
His vocal cords are not in a good condition.
Although he had received treatment previously and continued with recording,
He cannot forcibly carry on with recording any further.
He has been told that he cannot sing for a considerable period of time,
And that he has to stop all recording work.

His vocal cords are slowly getting better,
And he may be able to resume recording in mid-April.

Also, the songs that have already been recorded
Were recorded when he wasn’t in his best condition,
And therefore it has been decided that most of the songs will be re-recorded.

All the fans are aware of how important Shin Hyesung’s 4th album is.
The 4th album is also very important to Shin Hyesung and Liveworks.

From the company’s perspective, the delay of the album release is not a small problem.
Other than Korea, there are also plans to license the release of Shin Hyesung’s 4th album in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.
In addition, in conjunction with the album release, there are also plans for a concert and Japanese single album to be released.
Having to reschedule and re-plan these projects is no easy task.

We seek your understanding for not having been forthcoming with news about the 4th album.
Although we can’t share with you the exact timeline yet
We’ll briefly share with you the situation for now.

The scheduled release date for Shin Hyesung’s 4th album in Korea is in June,
And in July for Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

The concert tour for the 4th album is expected to kick off at the end of June.
In addition, the Japan single album and the Japanese edition of the 4th album are expected to be released in July.

As for the details of the exact release date and the concert tour,
We will inform everyone via the official website once we’ve sorted out the details.

Liveworks Company will take thoroughly good care of the health of our artistes
And to the best of our abilities, ensure that we keep to the schedule.

Thank you.

Credits: Liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

14 thoughts on “[11.03.22] Liveworks notice: About Shin Hyesung’s 4th album

  1. hyesung,please get well soon….
    everything is nothing, if u not well…
    ur health comes first, take care, warm greeting from indonesia

  2. Thanks for the update, yes Hyesung’s health is our main concern,take good care .We can wait for the album release, no problem he has to recover for himself and then his fans.Hyesung take care and be well soon.

  3. Sungie~ your health is very important for us especially your angel voice.
    We’ve been patient for 2 years of waiting Eric and Dongwan came back from military duty.
    So waiting 3 months for your 4th album is nothing.
    Get well soon ~

  4. Thanks for translation. Thanks for LW update news.
    We can wait for new album. Don’t worry, Hyesungie.
    Your health comes first. Hope you will get well in soon.

  5. Get well soon, Oppaaaaa~~
    We really wanna hear your voice in your 4th album.
    But we do really wish more for your condition, Hyesung Oppa.
    Do not think about anything else, but your health.

    Shinhwa changjo will always support you.. And pray for your health. ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. I am very very worries about his health, hope he can get better. No problem of waiting of him, no matter how long I will wait. don’t worries, ask him to take more rest. Hye Sung flighting, I will support you forever and ever. Love you………

  7. I admire that Liveworks isn’t just putting out a CD of songs that weren’t recorded in the best of condition, or slapping together some half-assed mini album instead. It’s honestly really good that they are taking care of Hyesung like this, and making sure that when they do put out something, it’s worth putting out.

  8. Thanks for the translation! All we want is a happy bouncy crab singing n dancing n joking on stage! The album can wait. Pray for him to recover fast.

  9. I am just THANKFUL for the update..
    I dunno what to feel.. I dont really care anymore (for now) about the album, but I am worried abt his voice condition.. being a singer and a passionate one, not being able to sing and do what one does best could be very tiring and stressful.. I wish I cld in any way ease the stress on him.. but I could only stay here where I am and pray for his condition to get better..

    But THANKS, Su, for the translation.. This REALLY REALLY mean a damn lot to me.

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