[11.03.01] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page updated)

Never fails to amaze me how amazingly talented Shinhwa fans can be… ^_^ Now how do we figure out who’s who…. LOL


A work by Miss Lee Hyun Joo~

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

17 thoughts on “[11.03.01] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page updated)

  1. That’s sound great ” Six and the City”… lolol
    i’d guess my imaginary Little monkey = Andy ,Little bird = Junjin, use Laptop & beside camera =DW, near M sign =Minwoo ,Sunk in the bath = Eric and the last one near crab like as Hyesung …Do you that eyes see goat in the Bucket…….RIcsung …XDD
    Thanks !!!

  2. Amazing creativity!<3
    Never would've realised the zodiac thing, but it sounds right, well done!
    To me, Eric is in the basket (waiting to scare someone), next to the crab is Sungie, laptop+camera is Wannie, the one with the bandaid+M is Minwoo and I THINK jinnie is the birdy whilst andy is the monkey (not so sure with the last 2…but the expression on the birdy suits jinnie more xD).

  3. hahaha Six and the City… haven’t heard about them till recently

    My guess these are based on the asian zodiac thing so
    chicken = Andy,
    monkey = Jin,
    the 4 goats = RicMinWanSung (from left to right Min, Sung, Ric in the basket & Wan with the lappie) XDD


    Eric’s the monkey for sure~~ xD
    Minwoo’s the sheep with the plaster
    Dongwan’s the one infront of the computer
    Hyesung’s the one beside the crab
    Junjin’s in the bag
    Andy’s the Chicken~

    HAHAH~ my guess~~ xD

  5. the sheep next to the green thing ‘M’ is minwoo ? monkey is jinnie ? Chicky is andy and the one next to the crab is hyesung.The one with laptop is wannie cos he updates us tru blog..The sheep in blue basket is Eric,cos the eyeliner !! he loves hiding n surprise the members

    very unique design !

    1. This is so cute!!! Six and the city….HAHA…and i totally agree with you on “who’s who”, didn’t realise the eyeliner till you mentioned…..hee…now that there’s so many different guesses, i wonder if Miss Lee who created it will announce the answer…and i agree she’s talented and creative! 🙂

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhh….so creative and cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee~

    My headache isn’t going to help me find out who is who! But I think wannie’s the one with the latop! ^^

  7. I’m fairly sure the one in the blue thing (it’s a crib) is Andy because he’s the baby. Eric is the monkey (never fall in love with banana gain~). Dongwan of course has his laptop and camera, Jun Jin is the baby bird, Hyesung is the one next to the crab since he’s the crab prince, and the one with the bandaid on his forehead and the M thing next to him is Minwoo.

  8. I think it’s based on their birth year horoscopes i.e. the 79’ers are the Sheep, Junjin is the Monkey & Andy is the Chicken.

    1. great observation 😡
      just a tiny thing I can’t help pointing out: Hyesung is glancing at Eric who is in the blue bag hahahahahaha

  9. ohh I saw a crab lol the one beside it must be Sungie
    Eric is the monkey with banana maybe? LMAO (remember the banana song and his monkey move in x-man)
    Minwoo with the M side beside him and his trademark smile
    Well, if its a bird in the middle then I guess he is Junjin. If it’s a chicken then I have no idea who it is LOL

  10. my guess is the chicken is hyesung, andy is the orange behind the chicken, minwoo is the one with the plaster, junjin is the one in the basket, dongwan the one peering into the camera and the monkey is eric.

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