[10.10.02] Dongwan’s memolog: The view towards homosexuality [Selfishness of the majority]

I believe this post is in response to the anti-gay ad that a union of mothers put out against the SBS drama ‘Life Is Beautiful’

To be honest, I’m surprised that in a country where censors are so active with banning ‘sexy’ MVs, the ad was actually approved and printed – if the union of mothers are so ill-informed, I would have assumed the newspaper editorial team should have known better than to allow for such bigotry. Tragic.


This is probably the typical Korean “My child is precious” syndrome.

Homosexuals are also children of parents.

There isn’t any life that isn’t precious.

This advertisement is as good as using a knife to stab the parents of homosexuals who are somewhere out there,
As good as driving the homosexuals, who want to be under daylight, towards darkness.

I’m heterosexual and can’t fully understand homosexuality.
But I know for sure homosexuality is not an illness, nor is it toxic.
It does not need treatment or medication.
Homosexuals are people who, since they were born, have been living difficult lives that others cannot understand.

What we should do is not to persecute or drive them out,
But to help them not to live the wrong way in darkness, and to give them our understanding.

The problem with this incident is not the union’s ignorance,
Just like what the writer Kim Soo Hyun said
The problem lies with the media, where even major newspapers can accept absurd advertisements as long as they are paid.
As always…

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

7 thoughts on “[10.10.02] Dongwan’s memolog: The view towards homosexuality [Selfishness of the majority]

  1. Well i must comment here. Even if there is not one iota or shred of scientific evidence available supporting the theory or myth and homosexuals are “born” and not “made”, I do believe one is “born” homosexual and NOT “made” or what others consider a ‘life choice”. So I support Dong-wan in this opinion. I’m sure there are others out there…

  2. I’ve always found Dongwan’s comments both insightful and on the spot but it comes as a surprise to read his comments about homosexuality. Kim Soo Hyun is right about the ignorance of people due to the lack of proper media – propoganda if you will – and that is why I find it surprising that a well-informed person like Dongwan would say that homosexuals are born that way when they are not. Scientific evidence is massively lacking in that regard and all leading Phsycological, biological and scientific organisations have not (cannot) sanction that it is. So right now it’s just another ‘misconception’ about homosexuality.

    I really thought that Dongwan read and studied more then what the average person did… but the ‘being born that way’ theory is a myth that is wide-spread as truth and I thought he was someone who based his ideas and opinions on actual facts…

    I’m so confused right now.. 😦

    1. There are probably a host of factors that cause someone to become homosexual. The specific trigger isn’t well understood. Whether homosexuals are “born” or “made” is not really important. What is important, and what is agreed by psychological and scientific organizations, is that homosexualty is not a choice, that it cannot be changed, and that it is not an illness.

      Speaking as a gay man, I don’t know if I was gay when I was born (the concept of sexuality as a baby seems kind of bizarre to me). But what I do know, is that from the earliest time that I can remember having even the smallest inkling of sexual thought, I knew I was gay (even before I knew the word or what it meant). It is as much a part of me and who I am as being straight is to a straight person.

      I don’t know why I’m gay. I didn’t know any gay people growing up. I didn’t see any gay characters on tv. I didn’t have gay friends or gay family members. And as for other stupid theories people have, I can also tell you that I wasn’t molested, my mother isn’t overbearing and my father isn’t distant. And I can assure that I definitely didn’t choose it.

      So many gay people have very difficult lives, especially in a place like Korea where far too many people are still close minded and bigoted. And so I’m very happy that Dongwan is secure enough and confident enough to be a positive voice. Especially when he has absolutely no reason to be other than the fact that he is a good person.

      Dongwan’s message really put me in a good mood today.

  3. People in society needs to stop being so ignorant of what’s around them. So what if they are different- doesn’t mean they don’t deserve our respect! They too are human beings- we should all be treated the same way!

  4. These posts is why even though Dongwan may not be my fave Shinhwa member, he definitely is one of the ones I respect the most. His words are so insightful and honest.

  5. Watching a gay couple in a drama don’t make any one gay, God creates them that way. Being gay/les don’t make any one less worthy of a human being. It’s not their fault, it’s not a sin

    Seok cheon spoke out about this anti gay ad

    It’s nice to see he gets positive support than hateful comments. He’s so cute/funny in “Swallow The Sun” btw

    Glad more celebs speak out about this issue

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