[10.03.30] Hmmm – Eric featuring on Lee Hyori’s new album? NOT!

1st APRIL 2010 EDIT: And so it seems that the tracklist was a fake one after all… DAMN…. I was hoping to see a new collab between them…

So I’ve been seeing an ‘unofficial’ tracklist flying around Lee Hyori’s fanpages, and one particular line jumped out at me:


Lee Hyo-Ri
4th Album

1. intro (Hyori’s logic)
2. superstar **
3. Wanna be
4. Girls
5. WANT U X3
6. 내 이름은 이효리, 거꾸로 해도 이효리 (Feat. 전지윤,베카)
7. gossip girl
8. Apologize (Feat. Eric)
9. How are you
11. 인연 (Feat.대성)
12. 사랑해, 미안해 (Feat. Ock Juhyun)
13. Outro (Made in korea)

Source: Lee Hyori DC Gallery


I don’t think there has been any tracklist released from her management company just as yet… But let’s just keep our fingers crossed and see if Eric does feature on her album this time…

After all, for her last album there was mention of a track featuring Eric, but it wasn’t included in the final product – so yes, let’s wait and see… ^^

6 thoughts on “[10.03.30] Hmmm – Eric featuring on Lee Hyori’s new album? NOT!

  1. oink….why would fake track list? especially coming out from Hyori’s DC tsk…. tsk….

    It was too good to be true.

  2. Maybe this was the song that was gonna be featured, but they decided to put it off til this one…haha who knows…
    ok I’m in the library and it’s very quiet and there’s this woman on the phone crying and talking….ugh…

  3. *praying hard for it to really happens* 😛
    i really want him to collaborate with hyori again!!

  4. woahaha………. this ‘unofficial track list’ was also floating on BB’s fan site cuz of Daesung involvement. If it comes out of her DC fansite, I have a bit more hope.

    Really hope it will come through this time. It’s been a while since Hyori-Eric collab since Anycall. Wonder if Appologized is a brand new song or it’s the track that was supposed to be on Ms.Lee’s last album.

    We’ll find out in a week 🙂

  5. OMG!!! I remember one of her docu show last time, where it showed her in a recording studio with Eric. Though it might not be related, but there’s the possibility. ^0^

    Thanks for this! Hoping for the same. ;DD ❤

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