[09.11.15] Uljjang* stars still look good with weird expressions

*uljjang (or ulzzang) 얼짱: Korean slang that literally means ‘best face’, a term used to describe someone who has a very attractive face

I guess we’re only too familiar with their so-called ‘weird expressions’ by now… LOL


Stars who appear on the television or movie screen are always seeking perfection, since it’s their job to let the audience see them looking as gorgeous as they have imagined. But these stars, in real life, don’t differ from the public. They have funny photos of themselves, as well as photos of themselves and their friends with bizarre expressions.

Let’s take a look at these pictures.

◆ Chiselled Hunks: “Funny faces, but we’re still handsome”

The representative goodlookers have not hesitated in releasing their funny photos. They even make use of various props and make-up, presenting a look totally opposite of their handsome selves in dramas.

Since a long time ago, Eric and his fellow Shinhwa members have enjoyed taking photos of their weird expressions. In the picture, his eye-catching Young-gu (an old-school Korean comedy character) makeover with his realistic expression perfectly hides his handsome looks.

(irrelevant info omitted)

Credits: Sportsseoul + Absolut Shinhwa

5 thoughts on “[09.11.15] Uljjang* stars still look good with weird expressions

  1. hmm….Bae Yoon Joon isn’t on the list?

    Jang Dong Gun & Eric look dorkiest in their ‘weird expression photos while WonBin & Lee Jun Ki looks cute in theirs.

    It’s not hard to find a ‘weird’, crazy or funny picture of Shinhwa gang at all. Nice clip and nice photo diary. Can’t wait for them to come back, the Ever Latsting Mythology!

    1. YES IT IS…. Who else would make gifs like that…. I still have that one of M from Happy Together… I daren’t put it up…

  2. Love the clip. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time! Remind all of us how they love each other and had so much fun. Wish they’ll be in no time, miss them so much.

    Thanks for shairng.

  3. thanks for the clip. reminds me of just how much i love them. cant wait till the day the 6 charming guys get back together

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