Rewind: AnyMotion & AnyClub

F4/Son Dambi’s Haptic Mission; DBSK/SNSD’s Haptic Pop; AnyBand with Tablo/Boa/Xiah Junsu/Jin Bora.

These are all the extended CF concept (music drama, music reality show etc) marketing campaigns by Samsung Anycall in recent memory – really very creative ways to market the brand.

But with all the hype that surrounds the newer campaigns, it’s almost easy to forget that Eric and Lee Hyori were the pioneers of this concept with the AnyMotion and AnyClub music dramas…

Alright… I’m just looking for an excuse to post some Eric vids… ㅋㅋㅋ THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And am I the only one who thinks that Eric and Hyori look ridiculously good together? 🙂
*gives Hyori the seal of approval*

AnyMotion 15sec CF

AnyClub 30sec CF

10 thoughts on “Rewind: AnyMotion & AnyClub

  1. First time i saw both CFs, i thought that they looked really HOT together. They’re both accomplished, popular, extremely goodlooking. No reason they cannot get together….

    They really look good together. 🙂

    I have recently become a certified Eric fan after watching Que Sera Sera. His Kang Tae Jo really moved me – who knew Eric can be a dramatic actor. 🙂 I thought he just had comedic timing (Super Rookie and Chilwoo) but glad i was wrong.

    Now I even listen to Shinhwa…. no turning back now… heheh

    1. Welcome to the club…. And you’re absolutely right… there’s no turning back, you only end up deeper and deeper… just ask any of us here…. LOL

  2. they so look good together!

    i remember watching ERIC’s clip at hyori’s mnet off the record show…they were so cute esp in the beginning when she kinda got giddy telling him ‘it’s been awhile’ 😀

  3. they definitely look great together!

    phi, lolz…”Eric-Me….. *stamp of approval*”?!?!
    u better run fast away from su…keke

  4. I guess another just because eh Su?

    The originals are always the BEST, especially when it comes to Eric and Hyori
    They do look gorgeous together…..

    ehem……Eric-Hyori…..Eric-Me….. *stamp of approval* 😛

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