[09.05.18] Lee Minwoo, Amy call it quits (edited)

I can’t confirm this for sure since it’s only one article out there right now… Ok this is splashed all over the news sites by now… And who really knows who this “source” is… The two of them might very well release a statement in a few hours’ time to say the news is complete crap…

But should this be true – whether you have been happy for them before or not – it’s never easy when a relationship ends… Hang on in there… 오빠 힘내세요… 에이미씨도…

One of the most closely watched celebrity couples, TV personality Amy and Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo, have recently been confirmed to have split up.

A source close to the couple broke the bad news on 15th May, “They broke up early this month. They have experienced big and small conflicts since this year, and in April their relationship really deteriorated so in the end the both of them made clear their intentions with each other and reached a mutual understanding to end the relationship.”

He briefly explained the reason behind their split, “Just like in the cases of normal young couples, the difference between their personalities was the biggest reason.”

He added cautiously that the couple had went through a considerably hard time before deciding to split, and also that Amy has been suddenly hospitalized. “Amy has been hospitalized twice this year at the Soon Chun Hyang Hospital near her home. Overworked by TV appearances and her online shopping mall business happening at the same time, the mental toll of being apart further aggravated her health problems.”

Amy and Lee Minwoo began dating in real life after filming KBS2’s “Happy Sunday – Kkokko Tour” together in September last year, and the couple’s admission to the public about their relationship had created a big stir in the entertainment world.

Amy first appeared on cable channel O’live’s “Bad Girls’ Diary” last year and since then she has developed a thriving career as a TV personality and also recently moved into the apparel business.

Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo released his 4th solo album “M RIZING” last fall, will soon resume showbiz activities with his upcoming new album.

Source: dongA.com
Trans: midnightgirl13@AbsolutShinhwa


21 thoughts on “[09.05.18] Lee Minwoo, Amy call it quits (edited)

  1. it’s natural to fall in love. i hope us fans can understand that.as long as our boys are happy and truly loved by that special someone, it should be okay and we must continue to support them in their projects whenever we can. we love them right? so we want them to be happy, therefore, we should be happy if they find a girl that they love and loves them back truly. I am married and my husband allows me to go crazy over our shinhwa boys. i even tell him why i like the 6 guys and it’s okay with him because he knows it makes me happy and young at heart.they are my wall paper on my laptop, gush, sometimes i feel a little weird since i’m already 40 (”,)

    Minwoo, take care!

  2. *SIGH*
    Bottomline is we shld wish M well… from stories around, since Amy came into M’s life, it wasnt exactly pleasant for him.. he lost so many fans.. he was quiet with his career..
    I sincerely wish he cld recover soon.. I hope to see THE M I have known back on his tracks….. soonest!

    M, fighting ~

  3. Woa, I’ve been thinking something was up with these 2. It was so quiet the last little while and Minu went to a wedding all by himself.

    I’m not obsessed fan that don’t want Minu to date anyone, can’t help but wish it did not happen. His last album suffered with all MinAmy news coverages, long-time fansites closing down… all these for an 8-month relationship was it worth it? In hindsight, no one could tell how a relationship could turn out but I wish they did not go all out only breaking up 8 months after…..

    I hope Minbong will pick himself up soon and gets focus on the task at hand, his up coming mini album. We’ll stick through this with you Bong ah….. *big hug*

  4. Poor Minwoo, hope he is ok. However, if their personalities don’t match, it is not a bad thing that they split. She seems too childish for him..

  5. Poor M…hope you are alright..
    pls be strong…
    jus remember that we are right behind you!

  6. They didn’t even last 3 months i think?? They are too different to be together in the first place.. I’m glad it ended quickly if not it would have been hard to end if they were together for long.

    we were just joking abt it yesterday at the gathering but it came true today! i hope minwoo isn’t too sad. I know Amy was admitted into a hospital first time in 2 years because of her deteriorating health

  7. OMG~T_T T_T
    Minwoo are you okay? Please stays strong. Fighting!!

    Su,Thanks for translation.

  8. I hope he stays strong.
    Break-ups are always hard.
    Minwoo, fighting!

    I hope Amy stays strong too.

  9. I’m concerned about Minwoo.

    Hope he’s ok. But he’s a person who always puts his career as first priority anyway. So I am SURE he’s ok ^_^.

    Minwoo’s a big guy. HWAITING!!!!

    1. You’re pretty right…

      I did read somewhere that he got pretty depressed for a couple of days but picked himself up and out of it and put his focus on his work instead….

      Oppa HWAITING!

  10. I know whatever the reason is, they both made a mutual decision on it. its just hard to hear this sort of things happen.

    M will hop back right in, I have much faith in him 🙂

  11. OMG!!!

    trish and i were just joiking about this to the changjo-ers yesterday and it became true!

    oppa~ i hope you’re okayy~~
    please be okayyy

  12. oh no!

    didn’t really care much who the girl was as long as minwoo was happy….but this is sad! he seemed so happily in love with her.

    it’ll take time, but he’ll be okay. awwww!

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