[09.04.27] WGM love with a music video? Junjin/Lee Shi Young to star in MV despite dating rumors

While I acknowledge that the WGM angle certainly helps with the promotion and interest in the new song and mini-album, I do hope that at the end of the day people (and reporters -_-) don’t only remember this as the Gundam couple MV… He deserves to be remembered for more than just one half of the Gundam couple – I hope the reporters (THIS REPORTER IN PARTICULAR) will keep that in mind. -_-*


‘We Got Married’ couple Junjin and Lee Shi Young will star alongside each other in a new music video.

The two of them will reunite for the MV for the title track of Junjin’s new mini-album. Junjin and Lee Shi Young have been playing a make-believe married couple on MBC variety show ‘We Got Married’, and rumors of them dating in real life have been circulating recently. Despite that, the two have decided to work together in the MV.

Junjin and Lee Shi Young have ended their last filming session for WGM last week, and there are only 2 remaining episodes left to be aired. As Lee Shi Young had promised to appear in Junjin’s MV on an episode of the show, she has kept to her promise. Due to their recent dating rumors, this news has received much attention. Moreover, the two of them will be playing a couple in the MV as well. A source from the WGM production team revealed that their playful show of affection on the show is expected to be seen in the MV as well.

The MV starring Junjin and Lee Shi Young is expected to be seen in May.

Source: Hankooki.com
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa

7 thoughts on “[09.04.27] WGM love with a music video? Junjin/Lee Shi Young to star in MV despite dating rumors

  1. i watch WGM especially the JJ/LSY couple. I like them both when they are having an arguement or “war of talking” but in the end they always compromise. I can’t wait to see the MV and hoping that this will not be the last that i will see them work together.

  2. Hehe, Su, I think that’s just because WGM is one of the routine activities of Shinhwa member and quite a lot of people online still know or are interested in the show and JJ/LSY couple.

    First, I think JJ is too big a star to be seen as just one half of Gundam couple. It is Lee Si Young is more at risk. Second, let’s face it, the period JJ and LSY are in right now, is not exactly the golden era of WGM. Andy HAD a tough time breaking from his An Seobang character and Hwangbo from Hwang Buin, but that was different, they were in WGM when the show was at its best.

    I too am totally excited about the MV. I did speculate that they were really going to star in the MV together, so YES! hahaha..

    1. you’re prolly right, i don’t think he’ll have a hard time separating from the WGM image like Andy did…

      but gotta say i do like this girl though, at least they look like they really enjoy each other’s company… so if they’re dating for reals… nice 🙂

  3. i think its not Junjin is a part of Gundam couple/WGM, but Gundam couple is a part of Junjin…

    btw, thanks for translating and sharing this SM…so looking forward for our Shinhwa oppa’s mini album in May includes Junjin and M!!!!
    and i’m anticipating to LSY appearance in JJ’s MV too!!

  4. First of all, thanks for the translation 🙂
    Secondly, I can’t imagine how anybody can regard Jinnie as merely one half of the gundam couple o_O I mean, this is Jinnie we’re talking about here.

    Anyways, I’m so looking forward to the MV. I am liking the sound of his new song a lot based on what he has revealed in the show, can’t wait to see him perform it.

    Junjin oppa FIGHTING!!!!

    1. I sure hope so – it’s just a little disheartening on my end when I see that the top search terms leading to this blog recently have been either WGM, Gundam couple and Junjin+Lee Shi Young

      But like I said, added publicity isn’t a bad thing… If these kind of articles can help promote Jin and his songs, sure why not?

      1. yeah… I think once WGM ends, Jin will still retain his identity, so to speak. Iono if there’s something wrong on my end but I’m actually pretty excited that other ppl (non-shinhwa fans) are taking interest in Jinnie and his forthcoming album because of his collab with LSY. I hope things will go uphill from there 🙂

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