[09.02.18] Ex-SM staffers enjoying success now

Ok – taking a short break from lengthy Hyesung interviews for an interesting but useless piece of trivia… LOL

Prison Break: SM Entertainment edition…. hehe. So when’s Shinhwa’s own management company coming…?

Younha, Andy & Jumper, Son Dambi & After School, Kim Dongwan of Shinhwa. And then SM Entertainment. Although it doesn’t seem to have any direct relationship with the singers and their management agencies, but there is an unusual link between them.

It’s none other than the fact that the management agencies of Younha, Andy & Jumper, Son Dambi & After School and Kim Dongwan, are all headed by ex-employees of SM Entertainment, one of Korea’s largest management agencies.

It’s a rare sight to see all these former SM managers representing up-and-coming singers or singers who are currently enjoying great popularity all at the same time. Because of these, industry insiders have termed SM as the “Producers Training Academy”.

Han Sung Soo of Pledis Entertainment, who manages Son Dambi and After School, was working in SM in the early 2000s, as BoA’s manager.

Lee Jae Hong of T.O.P Media, who manages Andy and new male duo Jumper, is also an ex-SM employee. He was the manager for various SM artistes such as Shinhwa and S.E.S from the late 1990s to the early 2000s.

Topclass Entertainment’s Choi Byung Min was the manager of S.E.S and Shinhwa until the early 2000s. Topclass Entertainment manages Shinhwa member Eric.

H2 Entertainment, who manages Kim Dongwan, who’s now serving out his military duty, is headed by Hong Hyun Joong, also an ex-SM employee; as is Park Man Jin who heads Lion Media, management agency of “Oricon Comet” Younha and Ajoo.

An industry expert said, “Coming from the same company, starting their own companies after the experience of being managers, that’s what is exceptional about these ex-SM managers. Being in the same industry at the same time actually allows them to share available resources, and there are also many situations where they all offer mutual help to each other in their businesses.”

Source: Starnews
Chi trans: 草木番茄@andy4ever
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

22 thoughts on “[09.02.18] Ex-SM staffers enjoying success now

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  3. @Catherine sorry to make a new post cus it ran out of reply space to your last comment XDD

    wooo I didn’t know Lee Jae Hong was Shinhwa Chief manager under GoodEnt as well as Eric’s manager during his Phoenix days. I think seeing Lee Jong Hyun (now Shinhwa’s Chief manager) with Eric in videos starting around 2005/2006?

    “If you look at the thank-you notes the members wrote for their 10th album, Eric said that he would like to thank Lee Jae Hong…..” ~ is there a link to to this cus I only see a dedication/intro of the 10th album that Sumi translated here https://absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/12-03-20-info-shinhwa-10th-album-the-return-tracklist-and-track-introduction/

    Interesting observation on your part about Andy’s mock speech for Shinbang’s Public Speech Lesson episode and what Top Media’s Lee Jae Hong tweeted the day after its broadcast 😀

    There’s is no doubt Andy is the boss & founder of ND Entertainment as well as producer of Jumper. He obviously helped Top Media picking out Teen Top during audition as well as mentoring TT… I’m so confused at the scores of titles they throw at Andy for Top Media, Producer, CEO, President even Founder

    It’s just strange (as you pointed out) there’s only credit for Lee Jae Hong as executive producer on Teen Top’s album and Andy’s name is not on, so confusing at the whole Top Media structure.

    1. In fact, I came to know LJH because of his tweet after the public speech episode:) Before that I thought Andy is the boss just like others.
      There is no doubt that LJH was Shinhwa’s chief manager during brand new (as credited on that album). I think he probably oversaw Eric’s acting career at that time in that capacity as well. In fact, he held a strange position called “M.P.R” (I have no idea what that is) for Moon Heejun.
      I have the Chinese translation of the full thank-you notes. On Eric’s part, in addition to LJH, he thanked LW’ lee, Top Class’ Choi, and OW’s representative, among others.
      Sometimes I view the structure of Top Media as that of Top Class. You see Eric is managed under Top Class whose CEO is Choi Byung Min. But apparently people think Eric as the “boss” of that company because after all he started this label himself and is now producing stellar.
      In fact Choi worked along with LJH at SM for SES and then Shinhwa, but LJH seemed to be always one step ahead in this corporate ladder. The funny thing is that Choi Byung Min is well-known to the fans whereas LJH is almost “invisible”, which makes me even more curious.

      1. I don’t doubt you abot LJH as chief manager for Shinhwa & Eric’s manager during Brand New & Eric’s Phoenix, just trying to piece together some time line who doing what. I was looking at the Brand New album credits last night but I can’t tell anything (being illterate in Korean) XDDD

        I think the main diff with Top Media/Andy & Top Class/Eric is that Eric found Top Class himself, while Andy found ND Entertainment and Top Media was found by Lee Jae Hong (like in the above article). Not sure if Choi Byun Min has been Top Class CEO from the start but but I heard Eric doesn’t own Top Class any more, may be changing hand to Choi cus of Eric’s army duty? (Rain also had his dad take over the company for his enlsitment)

        In any case, I don’t mean to discredit Andy for what he does with Teen Top & 100%, just trying to understand how things actually stand but I guess not easy 😛

        Agree with you, out of the 3 CEOs (Liveworks, Top Class, Top Media), Lee Jae Hong is the most “invisible” man out there. Even if he clearly put Top Media producer & CEO on his twitter profile…. unlike LW & TC, the lack of Top Media involvement with Shinhwa Company makes me wonder (may be already having a handfull with their own boy groups :D). Though Top Media IS in The Return credits as associated companies… (thanks goodness for the non hangul credit section :P)

        I don’t rember seeing a trans of their thank you note for the 10th album (there isn’t one in the album either). Would you mind to share? a rough trans to English would be so appreciated 🙂

        Sumi, sorry for rambling on your blog XDDD

        1. Hope we will one day get a chance to ask this “invisible” man ourselves…

          The translation is done by the Chinese fansite of Shinhwa. Not sure if I can re-translate that into English…basically they thanked everyone they can think of…

          1. the chance is SLIM! XD

            That’s ok. I was curious of what Eric mentioned to Lee Jae Hong, especially about the acting part. It just seem they had more things to say/thank in older albums compare to recent ones. The Production Notes for their 9th jib (10th anniversary album & concert) by Dr. Hong were the best. I miss that.

  4. Sorry, I happen to come across this page. I am just puzzled by the whole structure at T.O.P Media. On Shinhwa broadcast, the members are all talking like Andy is the boss of T.O.P (probably he is), but actually Lee Jae Hong holds the designation of CEO and producer. So what is actually the structure at T.O.P? I checked Teen Top’s albums, and Andy’s name is not even mentioned in credits. I’ve been checking on this Lee Jae Hong for some days (he’s actually been a manager of HOT), but It seems that they two (Lee and Andy) never make clear about their cooperation structure.

    1. Lee Jae Hong might be ex-manager of H.O.T. before he forms Top Media which manages Andy before Teen Top & 100% come along. On his twitter, Lee Jae Hong puts Top Media producer & CEO in his profile.

      Does Lee Jae Hong’s name show in the credits for Teen Top’s albums?

      1. Yes, Lee Jae Hong is listed as the executive producer for Teentop’s albums. Andy’s name does not appear in the credits.

        1. thanks for replying. It’s so strange.

          CEO, President, Producer… I’m getting more confused about Andy’s position at Top Media.

          1. In fact, Lee Jae Hong was Shinhwa’s chief manager during brand new time. If you look at the thank-you notes the members wrote for their 10th album, Eric said that he would like to thank Lee Jae Hong for making him start again as an actor (my parapharse-not the exact words). Lee used to be his manager during the days of phoneix. In one of the Shinhwa broadcast when the members learnt how to do public speeches, Andy said something like “the C team that will debut this year” when giving the mock speech for being presented the “best producer award”, and the second day LJH worte on twitter (which was nearly a year after his last tweet) that top media has no plan for any new artist in 2013. The whole structure is just so puzzling…

  5. happened to land on this article again 😀

    I thought reading some where about Liveworks CEO Lee Jangeon was also an ex-employee from SMEnt too. Could he & Liveworks weren’t mentioned here cus Hyesung joined Liveworks after the article was written?

  6. “No matter what, my kids are destined to be Changjos before they are born”

    @ K@ate, u are way too cute!

    1. thanks Su. It’s interesting seeing how these ex-SM managers & staffs venturing out on their own and crossed path with Shinhwa members once again 😀

  7. Thanks for an info, I wish to see more productions from these quality people, esp. Shinhwa member’s work in the future.

    Important of all, I wish there will be Shinhwa juniors as Minbong said in the concert. I will definitely drag my husband and my kids to the concert as well. No matter what, my kids are destined to be Changjos before they are born. hahaha.

  8. nice one: “Prison Break: SM Entertainment edition…”

    just glad that they still made it even after joining SM. i remember one incident which particularly stuck in my mind and i am glad that Shinhwa are out of that company.

  9. “Prison Break: SM Entertainment edition….” — haha….could not get this line at all…….I’m having a blond moment here…….

  10. nice to know the interesting connections among these artists’ managements are all linked to SM.

    this probably explains why Eric featured in Son Dambi’s Micheosseo

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