[09.01.16] Pics: Eric at blood donation drive

HE HEARD ME…….pics!!!!! I missed that smile so much…….. and…. maybe a little too much gaming for him lately…. kekeke

Pics credit to sixsenses and mouhyun

click on pics to enlarge

11 thoughts on “[09.01.16] Pics: Eric at blood donation drive

  1. Sunshine from Lemiel had upload her vid of Eric at this blood donation in 2009 on her Youtube.
    I might just put it here so it’s all together in 1 spot 🙂

  2. Donating blood is for a good cause and its also healthy for the body . Eric the leader, the charismatic one with awesome smile also has a big heart. I’m happy he is the leader of Shinhwa – showing us how the group charateristic are can have fun when together, serious when they are working and charitable……just love his smile can also brighten up the day too.

  3. Officer Eric Mun looks smashing in uniform
    I thought he actually lost some weight. His face seems slimmer than the enlistment day.

    He’s keeping the buzz cut, may be a tat longer.

    Really really miss him.

  4. OMG!! IT’S ERIC!! Finally!
    I really miss those smiles! Just so happy to see him again…even if it’s just pictures.

    Is it just me or it looks like he gained some weight. i know he’s wearing layers of clothing since it’s cold but his face looks a bit chubbier. In any case he still looks great!!!

  5. Finally, we can see our leader nim latest photos. He is looking really really healthy. His smile makes me smile too.


    Our leader is looking really healthy.. GOOD.. maybe someone from one floor up is cooking too much food eh?!

    Thanks for sharing.. its so refreshing to see leader-nim this EARLY COLD morning in Manila..

    The weather here lately is like Seoul during noon.. cold and breezy.. Brrrrr!

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