[09.01.15] Fanpics: Dongwan at the Love Share Festival

Hat tip to Tiff (80slitenite) for these pics… AND YES, HAT TIP WITH AN M CAP… I’m starting to think we see and hear about him as if he never quite left for military service LOL…

Pics credit to sixsenses

7 thoughts on “[09.01.15] Fanpics: Dongwan at the Love Share Festival

  1. Shinhwa guy is warm with a big heart. Thanks Dongwan for the effort / service for a good cause!

  2. He is working. Don’t think from all the pictures he’s not properly fulfilling his duties. He’s definetly performing his job to the best of his ability. Even taking time out to volunteer @ this event is just amazing. With the fans help, he can provide great services for the community.

  3. *HEART*

    I am loving the pics!!!

    Wannie seems to be having fun… 🙂

    His box does seem pretty full.. l will say it again.. The admin office sure knows how to use thier stay power…

  4. His collection box is pretty full.
    haha… look at the fans swam in for autographs. It’s like @ a fan meeting.

    Wannie is love!

  5. Thanks for the hat tip. lol. I hope u were using an M hat. ;p

    Man i can’t wait to see the vids. He looks so good.
    I hope they collected a lot of donations. With Wannie there how could you not empty out your wallet. lol

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