[09.01.11] Dongwan’s blog: Namdaemun Market

You went to Namdaemun on a Saturday????? O_O You must have put on a brilliant disguise…..or you’re just plain crajee.... LOL

Click on image to enlarge

When I have time I still go to Namdaemun to shop~
Because there are many cheap and cute clothes…

But because of the poor economy there’s no one else but the Japanese…..
こんばんは(Goodnight in Japanese)~^^


That’s all for today
Goodnight to all~

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

6 thoughts on “[09.01.11] Dongwan’s blog: Namdaemun Market

  1. OMG… he is still able to go out and shop.. yah, these men are sooo good in doing disguise!

    We shld be pretty witty (and pretty to their eyes, haha!) to know..

  2. I think he is just crajee… cause his disguise consists of his beanie, man bag, and a mask to cover his mouth… I mean.. what kind of disguise is that??? I am gonna look for a man dressed like that next time I am in Seoul…

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