[09.01.11] Dongwan’s blog: Namdaemun Market

You went to Namdaemun on a Saturday????? O_O You must have put on a brilliant disguise…..or you’re just plain crajee.... LOL

Click on image to enlarge

When I have time I still go to Namdaemun to shop~
Because there are many cheap and cute clothes…

But because of the poor economy there’s no one else but the Japanese…..
こんばんは(Goodnight in Japanese)~^^


That’s all for today
Goodnight to all~

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com


6 thoughts on “[09.01.11] Dongwan’s blog: Namdaemun Market

  1. uhhu …. wannie watch out … i can smell you even in disguise … hehehe… namdaemun here i come …

  2. OMG… he is still able to go out and shop.. yah, these men are sooo good in doing disguise!

    We shld be pretty witty (and pretty to their eyes, haha!) to know..

  3. I think he is just crajee… cause his disguise consists of his beanie, man bag, and a mask to cover his mouth… I mean.. what kind of disguise is that??? I am gonna look for a man dressed like that next time I am in Seoul…

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