[08.12.30] Junjin wins Best Star award at MBC Entertainment Awards

chukha hamnida jinnie ah~~~! FIGHTING!!!

and to KANG HO DONG!!!! MAKE IT 3 DAESANGS!!!!!!

edit: thanks elyanee for the correction….the cold here is killing my brain cells….

Singer Junjin has been awarded the Best Star award at the 2008 MBC Entertainment Awards which took place on 29th Dec, at the MBC Broadcast Center in Yeouido. Hosted by Lee Hwijae Hyuk Jae, the ceremony also saw Infinite Challenge walk away with the Best Variety Show award.

When Junjin’s name was read out, the IC members all erupted with cheers, and Junjin received his award, barely able to fight back his tears. “It’s the first time I’ve received an award like this in my 10 years in showbiz. Thank you very much, to the IC team, thank you very much really.”

He added, “It’s my first time doing a variety show in my 10-year career, and I’ve learnt a lot about life too. I will continue working hard. There was a point I felt it was too difficult to carry on in this industry, and I almost left Shinhwa. Thanks to the help from many people, I managed to overcome the problems and get to where I am now.”

Infinite Challenge also won the Best Variety Show Award, chosen by a panel of PDs.

Junjin and Andy at the awards (but no pics of them together unfortunately)

2008 MBC Entertainment Awards – List of Winners (partial)

Daesang – Kang Ho Dong (Golden Fishery – The Knee-slap Shaman/Mureup Dosa)

Show/Variety Category
Best Male Entertainer – Lee Hwijae (Introducing Stars’ Friends)
Best Female Entertainer – Hyun Young (Introducing Stars’ Friends, Section TV)
Outstanding Male Entertainers – Shin Jung Hwan (Golden Fishery – Radio Star), Jung Hyung Don (Infinite Challenge)
Outstanding Female Entertainers – Seo In Young, Solbi (Sunday Sunday Night – We Got Married)
Best Male Newcomer – Yoo Se Yoon (Golden Fishery – The Knee-slap Shaman/Mureup Dosa)
Best Female Newcomer – Lee Seung Shin (Sunday Sunday Night – Third Wheel)

Special Awards
Best Entertainers – Lee Gyung Shil, Im Hye Jin, Yang Hee Eun (Sunday Sunday Night)
Best Star – Junjin (Infinite Challenge)
Best Brand – WGM couples (Marco/Son Dambi, Hwan Hee/Hwayobi, Kim Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo, Alex/Shin Ae, Andy/Solbi, Crown J/Seo In Young)
Best Screen Couple – Hwang Bo/Kim Hyun Joong (WGM)

Show/Variety Popularity Awards – Kim Gura, Kim Kook Jin, Yoon Jong Shin, Shin Jung Hwan (Radio Star)
Comedy/Sitcom Popularity Awards – Kim Kwang Gyu, Seo Young Hee
Best Variety Show – Infinite Challenge

Source: naver + mydaily  + osen + asia news
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

11 thoughts on “[08.12.30] Junjin wins Best Star award at MBC Entertainment Awards

  1. congrats to Junjin, i saw Pops In Seoul & they said he battled depression & anxiety, good for him. i love IC. Hyun Don won for WGM right? it was cool seeing the WGM cast all together.

  2. Congratulations to Jin for winning the Best Star Award, he totally deserves it. He is the BEST. ❤

    PS. Loving his watch, as always^^

  3. Congrat to Jin for winning this award!!!
    Love that picture where Jin looks shocked & the IC guys totally embraced him.

    SolBi looks sooooooo cute!

    Thanks for reporting from Seoul Su.

  4. woot! woot! jinnie won! i hope he gets to celebrate with the boys too!! andy looked so suave, as usual!!!

  5. YES, I THINK JINNIE TOTALLY DESERVE IT. HE’S QUITE BUSY THIS YEAR RIGHT. [: and AnSol couple looks good tgt. They keep holding hand lehh. (:

    ps; dear, the MC is lee hyuk jae, not hwijae. -.-

  6. woooo omg so happy for Jin!!!
    tho this in a way means he’ll work even harder…

    aww AnSol looked cute.

    Congrats to KHD and SJH too! love those two guys. and of course the Lettuce couple.

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