[12.04.27] ‘Ugly Uncle’ Eric loses out in kids’ popularity poll on Shinhwa Broadcast

During the latest recording for the Kids Channel episode for jTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, a poll was done among 12 kids aged from 4 to 8 years old to find the Shinhwa member most popular among kids.

The children, who have no idea at all about who Shinhwa is, were asked to pick the Shinhwa member whom they had the best first impression of. Eric was surprisingly assessed as the ‘ugly uncle’ and only managed to pick up just one vote, becoming the lowest-ranked member in the poll.

On the other hand, Junjin was very well-received by the children in all the segments, causing jealousy among the other members who complained, “We don’t understand why Junjin is so popular”.

The ‘Kids Channel’ special – featuring the Moon brothers (Mason, Mavin, Maden) – will be aired on 28 April at 9.55pm KST.

Credits: Newsen

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  1. Muahahahaha, “ugly uncle” lol =))

    I wonder if I saw leader at the kids’ age, would I see him as “greek god” or “ugly ahjusshi” hahaha

  2. weee don’t have to compete with the kidos XDDD
    can’t wait to watch this one. It’s gonna to be fun :D

  3. Jinnie is just like a kid himself, that’s why he was popular! XD i really can’t wait for this episode!!

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