[11.12.14] Minwoo’s Facebook status/photo update: Power failure during Shinhwa meeting

Status update 1 – Came to a restaurant for a Shinhwa meeting but there’s a power failure *gasp* It’s dark and I’m hungry ㅠ It’s scary… Andy yah~~~~ Hold my hand!

Status/photo update 2 – The lights are on~~~~~^^!!!!

Credits: Minwoo’s FB page + Absolut Shinhwa

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  1. Reunion in the dark- how very romantic & cozy for the winter . Its must be warm and happy to see each other,though Minwoo will be discharge from the military service next year but the anticipation is buiding up for the Shinhwa comeback. I guess Hyesung is busy with his year end concert or he know it will be power failure that he is not there ???Ha ha hahaI miss seeing him he is fantastic………………..and Shinhwa too !

  2. Yaahhh a big failure power? This can be a good sigthat they will be a hit. Happy the first official meeting os comeback…is soo good see they are great friends and not just members of a idol group

  3. Poor you, the meeting’s interrupted by power failure, hope it still goes on well. Thx for the updates, I really appreciate it, from a brand new SHCJ from Indonesia

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