Discovery of Romance: Written preview for Ep 14

EPISODE 14 :: Are you calling me a bad woman (bitch) now?

Taeha rouses Yeoreum when he suggests a new plan for her work
And Hajin tries hard in his own way to accept Yeoreum’s past with Taeha.
Taeha’s birthday. Yeoreum knows about it but can’t easily pretend to know.

“I wish I could go to another world. Now.. I don’t think these feelings are going to change.”

Yeoreum celebrates Taeha’s birthday at Taeha’s firm, unable to easily pretend to know…

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Discovery of Romance: Written preview for Ep 13

EPISODE 13 :: Shall I pretend to be drunk, and just kiss you?

Hajin and Yeoreum stay up the whole night to talk and Yeoreum learns about Hajin’s past and his relationship with Ahrim.
After Ahrim sorts out her feelings, she tells Hajin that she’s going to study overseas,
And Taeha and Yeoreum talk casually about their memories and think that it will be good to become friends.

But Yeoreum cannot be contacted through to the morning after saying she was with Taeha, and Hajin goes into a state of panic…

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Discovery of Romance: Written preview for Ep 12

EPISODE 12 :: The day the words “I love you” touched my heart….

Yeoreum and Hajin set off early from Nami Island for Yeoreum’s workshop.
The two of them spend a sweet moment together after leaving behind the unease from the previous night.
Taeha bumps into Yeoreum when he brings back a drunk Sol.

“We were supposed to hold on til the end even if we fought… Whether it’s me or Yeoreum, we both let our go of our hands..”

Meanwhile, Hajin tries to properly propose to Yeoreum and tell her what he couldn’t say…

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Discovery of Romance: Written preview for Ep 11

EPISODE 11 :: Even within a day, I look outside the window a few times..

With Taeha’s heartfelt apology, Yeoreum’s feelings becomes complicated instead.
Although Taeha pushes forward with his work and works hard to put aside his feelings for Yeoreum
He sends a text message to Yeoreum who’s together with Hajin.

“The one who liked the other party more is the one who comes out stronger. Because there is no lingering attachment.”

Yeoreum and Hajin take a trip in a long while
And meets the staff members from Taeha’s company at their vacation spot…

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Discovery of Romance: Written preview for Ep 10


Taeha can do nothing but get upset for leaving an unwell Yeoreum with Hajin and returning home.
Worried about Yeoreum, Hajin doesn’t go home and stays with her for the night.
The next morning, Yeoreum feels better but finds out about Hajin going to Gunsan with Ahrim.

“It’s all my fault. You were right, Han Yeoreum.”

Taeha tries to put a halt to his feelings for Yeoreum…

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Discovery of Romance: Written preview for Ep 9


Yeoreum and Hajin, not being able to be honest with each other, meet up with Taeha and Ahrim respectively.

“He says he only has you. He says there’s nothing between him and Ahn Ahrim. He says he can’t do without you.”

Taeha consoles an upset Yeoreum, who sees Ahrim at the shopping mall and gets suspicious for no reason.
On the way back to Seoul. Taeha discovers the fishing spot that Yeoreum went to with her father and stops the car, and Yeoreum reacts strongly.
In the end, Yeoreum even collapses…

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