Discovery of Romance teaser clips!

Taeha: Don’t do that
Yeoreum: Why?
Taeha: Hello!
Yeoreum: Kiss!
Taeha: Again!

*dying over and over again*


Yeoreum: He doesn’t even know he got dumped by me?
Taeha: *laughs and cusses*


Taeha: Romance? Romance? What’s that?


Sung Joon: Hyung, what do we have to do?
Yumi: You try doing something!
Sung Joon: How should we do this…?


Main cast members of ‘Discovery of Love’ attend first script reading

Photos from the first script reading of KBS2TV’s upcoming Mon-Tue drama ‘Discovery of Romance’ have been released.


According to the production company JS Pictures, the first script reading session took place on 1st July at the KBS building in Yeouido. Main cast members Jung Yumi, Eric, Sung Joon, Yoon Jin Yi, Yoon Hyun Min and Kim Seul Gi arranged amongst themselves to attend the session dressed in T-shirts and jeans. In attendance as well were supporting cast members, including veteran actors and actresses Kim Hye Ok, An Seok Hwan, Sung Byung Seok, Lee Seung Joon, Hwang Seok Jung, Jung Soo Young and Gu Won who complete the star-studded cast.


Before the session began, Director Kim Sung Yoon said, “While the results are important, I think it’s more important that the process is enjoyable and happy.”

“Let’s create a good process where we can enjoy a great closing party on the day of the final broadcast.”

Jung Yumi, who plays female protagonist Han Yeo Reum said, “I’m really glad to be working with so many great people. I hope I can have fun filming and give a refreshing portrayal of Han Yeo Reum.”

‘Discovery of Romance’ is a drama that depicts a love story that arises when a woman re-encounters her ex-boyfriend after she begins a new relationship, and is scheduled to premiere on 18th August, taking over ‘Trot Lovers’.

Source: Star News

The main cast of ‘Discovery of Romance’ – will a new chapter be written in rom-com history?

Things are shaping up for the new KBS2 Mon-Tue drama ‘Discovery of Romance’ (writer Jung Hyun Jung, director Kim Sung Yoon), and the casting of the 6 key roles have recently been wrapped up.

There has been much interest in ‘Discovery of Romance’ as it is the follow-up drama from writer Jung Hyun Jung, who also penned the tvN ‘I Need Romance’ trilogy. The drama depicts a love story revolving around a woman who encounters her repentant ex-boyfriend just as she begins a new relationship.

Jung Yumi (I Need Romance 3, God of the Workplace) has been cast as the female lead Han Yeo Reum, a furniture designer who’s estranged from her drama writer mother. With her unique down-to-earth style, she will portray a woman who is torn between her current love and her ex.

Eric, reuniting with his ‘Que Sera Sera’ co-star Jung Yumi 7 years on, plays the role of ‘perfect visual’ Kang Tae Ha, the CEO of an interior design firm. Smart, competitive and confident, Tae Ha is an absolute romantic when he falls in love. He discovers what true love is when he meets his ex-girlfriend again.

Sung Joon (I Need Romance 3, Shut Up Flower Boy Band) plays Nam Ha Jin, a plastic surgeon with charming looks, as well as a warm and gentle personality. Ha Jin is Yeo Reum’s current boyfriend who finds himself having to deal with Yeo Reum’s change of heart when she starts wavering after ex-boyfriend Tae Ha re-enters the picture.

Yoon Jin Yi plays An Ah Rim, a tough and plucky girl who grew up together with rational guy Ha Jin, and has been carrying a torch for him since.

The role of plastic surgeon Do Joon Ho is played by Yoon Hyun Min (Witch’s Romance, Age of Feeling). Joon Ho is Yeo Reum’s neighborhood oppa who has grown up together with her, and ended up living with Yeo Reum’s family after his family emigrated to New Zealand. He is described as a jokester with a Casanova tendency and a good understanding of women’s thoughts.

Kim Seul Gi (SNL Korea, Flower Boy Next Door) plays Han Sol, who also grew up in the same neighborhood as Yeo Reum and Joon Ho, whom she shares a sibling-like relationship with. Han Sol is known among her friends to be a little simple and slow on the uptake, but once she starts a relationship she falls heads over heels and boils over with infatuation – a simple girl who charges ahead without thinking of what is ahead of and behind her.

Previously, the production team behind ‘Discovery of Romance’ had explained that they aim to portray a realistic romance story that is different from a typical melodrama or romantic comedy. Writer Jung Hyun Jung had previously created a “rom-com syndrome” on the small screen with the “I Need Romance” franchise, and anticipation is building for ‘Discovery of Romance’ to write a new chapter in rom-com history.

‘Discovery of Romance’ will take over the Mon-Tue slot on KBS2 currently occupied by ‘Trot Lovers’, and is scheduled to premiere in August.

Source: TV Report

Shinhwa postpones comeback to January 2015

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Shinhwa postpones comeback to January next year… And will make it the Year of Shinhwa

Shinhwa has decided to postpone their comeback, initially planned for the second half of this year, to next January instead.

Shinhwa has confirmed their official comeback for the first week of January 2015 after an internal discussion, and schedules are currently being adjusted at the moment. This reflects Shinhwa’s intention to turn 2015 into the Year of Shinhwa, with their comeback slated for the first week of January to start off, and eventually end, the year.

Shinhwa is now planning for a variety of activities, including a series of concerts and festivals. Plans include a large-scale concert in March to commemorate their 17th anniversary, and in August there are plans for a Shinhwa Festival for fans who have stayed with the group through the years. Currently in the prime of their 17-year history, expectations are running high for Shinhwa as to what kind of interesting shows and memories they will be creating for a meaningful occasion.

In addition, a world tour is also in the pipeline. Their past Asia tours have not been able to allow Shinhwa to answer all the invitations from overseas, but plans are underway for the group to increase the number of concert stops for a world tour.

As such, the members will be sharing time with the fans as Shinhwa throughout the year. Since there has not been many group activities this year, the game plan for next year is for the members to give it their all for group activities next year.

Lee Minwoo, who oversees the producing work for Shinhwa’s albums, said in a recent article, “During this time, Shinhwa has been known for our longevity and our teamwork. From now on, we’d like to go a step beyond this. From the first week of next January onwards, Shinhwa will make a spectacular comeback and show a different side.”

In fact, this year has been marked by the return of many senior singers from the 90s, and Shinhwa, who has maintained a firm presence, has been largely acknowledged to have played a big role. Artistes like g.o.d and Fly To The Sky have said that they were spurred on by Shinhwa, who are still “currently popular stars”. In the midst of these successful reunions, anticipation is rising for Shinhwa and what other strengths they will be demonstrating to take 2015 by storm.

Source: OSEN

[Cultural Daesang recommendation] Shinhwa 16th Anniversary concert ‘HERE’

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A power performance that overshadows their 4-year hiatus – ‘Shinhwa Changjo / Creation of a Legend’

The continuous connection with their fans for the past 16 years is really worthy of praise. Group Shinhwa showed their mettle as the longest-running K-pop group at their ‘Shinhwa 16th Anniversary Concert – HERE’ concert (held on 24th March at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium). The concert title ‘HERE’ symbolizes their presence at the concert venue – the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium – from their first concert in 2001 to their first concert after their 4-year hiatus, in 2012.

The 2-day concert garnered a total attendance of 27,000 and the tickets were sold out within a short period of time, making countless new headlines. Shinhwa shone with their high energy performances, which never changed during their 16 years together, and their maturity in their music styles, while growing together with their fans. It was a pity that Andy was missing from the stage – due to an unfortunate incident where he took time for self-reflection – but his absence on stage was well filled special performances by his fellow members Eric, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung, Junjin and Kim Dongwan.

One liner reviews

“A festival that showed off the powerful fandom. A concert for Shinhwa Changjo angled at their growth and change with their fans since their debut in 1998.” (Kang Tae Gyu, culture critic)

“You don’t have to be a fan to enjoy the dance, the songs, the jokes and even the composure they have now. As it is, everything needed for a complete show.” (Choi Young Kyun, culture critic)

“The return of the idols. Shinhwa’s concert, together with the return of g.o.d, opened up the emergence and possibility of a new market.” (Joo Sung Min, CEO of V-Hall)

Source: Edaily

Which part of the female body does Shin Hyesung first look at? (Consolidated Witch Hunt articles)

Which part of the female body does Shin Hyesung first look at?

On the ‘Turn On the Green Light’ segment, Shin Hyesung and the 4 MCs discussed stories sent in by viewers on whether the cases are misunderstandings or displays of romantic interest.

In one story, the topic of figures emerged and the MCs asked, “When looking at someone of the opposite sex, which part of the body do you think is important?”

Shin Hyesung said, “I look at it from an overall perspective…” and was promptly booed by the 4 MCs. MC Heo Ji Woong then said, “For me it’s the hip and pelvis”, to which Shin Hyesung adding on, “It’s the hip and pelvis for me too…”, with the discussion ending in a consensus among the men.


Shinhwa’s Junjin told Shin Hyesung to ‘just throw it out there and come back’ on ‘Witch Hunt’

Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung revealed fellow member Junjin’s reaction to his appearance on jTBC’s ‘Witch Hunt’.

On the ‘Turn On The Green Light’ segment of the 30th May episode of ‘Witch Hunt, Shin Hyesung shared his anticipation, “I usually enjoy watching ‘Witch Hunt’, I feel that it actualizes the way how men privately discuss risque topics.”

To this the 4 MCs asked him how the people around him reacted to the news of his appearance. Shin Hyesung replied, “Junjin called me when he heard that I was on ‘Witch Hunt’ and he told me to just throw it out there and come back. I don’t know what I’m going to throw out here but for now, I’m going to try talking about everything.”


Shin Hyesung, “The members have done headspins in the nude before”

On the ‘Turn On the Green Light’ segment, MC Sung Shi Kyung asked, “Since you guys are often in the buff when you lived together in the dorm so you know one another’s bodies well, and I heard that one of the members is really impressive.” (t/n: well this is a 19+ program discussing pretty racy topics, so by ‘impressive’… it’s referring to a certain male appendage. *ahem* ㅋㅋ)

To this Shin Hyesung replied, “There was this time when all the members were in the room, we took everything off and had a dance battle.” He added that a particular member did a headspin wearing nothing but a helmet and turned the studio upside down when he further commented, “It was an unforgettable scene.”

The 4 MCs proceeded to fluster Shin Hyesung when they started going through the members, “Who does headspins in Shinhwa…”.


Shin Hyesung, “I had to change my cellphone number because of Kim Dongwan”

Upon hearing a viewer’s story that took place at a cellphone store, Shin Hyesung shared his experience of having to change his number – which was made up of his favorite numbers – after fellow member Kim Dongwan accidentally revealed it on a TV program, and he started to receive hundreds of calls.


Sources: TV Report, OSEN, jTBC